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Wine Making

Wine Making Opportunity

You and a group of up to 8 friends will embark on a fantastic wine-making journey with us, spanning two delightful parties. During our initial gathering, we’ll dive into the world of wine-making equipment and ingredients. We’ll evaluate the sugar levels in your selected grape juice (Wine Must) and make any necessary water or sugar adjustments to ensure the grape juice (Wine Must) reaches the perfect balance. Then, it’s time to introduce the yeast and…wait. While the magic happens, we’ll indulge in some wine tasting, savor foods, and then unwind, immersing ourselves in the joy of the moment.

Wine Bottling Party

Fast forward to week 6, and it’s time for the grand bottling party. By now, the wine will have settled and cleared, signaling that it’s ready for its final transfer into the bottle. We’ll perform one last Rack (transfer), setting up our bottling and corking station. After it’s corked, we’ll apply the caps, followed by the somewhat tricky part – affixing your customized labels. And just like that, VOILA! We’ve reached the culmination of our wine-making adventure. Though your wines won’t be ready to drink quite yet, it’ll be time to savor more of our wines and delectable treats.

Optional: For the complete experience, one or two participants will return at the 2-3 week mark. Here, we’ll carefully Rack (transfer) the fermented Wine Must and introduce our settling agents to begin settle the sediment in the wine. This transforms the wine from milky to clear

make your ownr wine at victorian vineyard

Wine Making Packages

  • Two Parties and up to 60 Bottles: $2,500.00 (Offering up to 2 types of wine)
  • Two Parties and up to 90 Bottles: $3,200.00 (Enjoy up to 3 types of wine)
  • Two Parties and up to 120 Bottles: $3,900.00 (Indulge in up to 4 types of wine)

*Please note that the specific availability of wine varieties may vary throughout the year.

Join us for an unforgettable wine-making experience and the joy of crafting your very own wine!

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