The Victorian Vineyard Story

Scott and Patrica were raised in the Portland, Vancouver area where they met and fell in love at their local church when they then began building their family.

For 20 years Scott has talked and dreamed about a venue for events, gatherings, and weddings. He shared his vision and passion with many of those whom he worked with and around who graciously entertained his dreams as they got a full ear. Little did they know that Scott was keeping a journal of all the ideas and plans over those years including bits of conversations.

In high school, Scott started his first company as a window washer where he went door to door to market his service allowing him to establish a lucrative income for a student. In college, he joined his dad in building homes and helped run the job sites and subcontractors. After he finished college, he went on to start a landscaping company. Over twenty-four years later, the landscaping business that started with just him and a wheelbarrow turned into a multi-million dollar company all while the dreams of a future venue began to take root.

Scott’s wife Patricia, who was an accountant at a medical equipment manufacturing company, tolerated Scott’s dreams which made her nervous in the beginning as she believed it to only be talk. As the backbone of their personal and business finances, Patricia’s role has always been to keep a tight eye on spending and research possible financial opportunities which have helped to keep them grounded in reality.

In 2018, Scott rediscovered his liking for home brewing. In his best efforts, he tried to duplicate his father-in-law’s tails of his great plum brandy from Romania leaving this adventure with mixed results. In the wake of trying to master his family’s recipe, he discovered how to home-brew wine leading to a new love that matured in understanding over time.

Finally, after years of dreaming and gabbing, Scott and his family threw caution to the wind and sold their company to pursue Scott’s long-standing dream of opening a venue. They even sold their house to fund the venture! In 2022, Scott and Patricia stumbled upon the perfect property with the wrap-around porch Patricia had always wanted (I mean, who doesn’t love a wrap-around porch?). And after many years of imagining and planning, the Victorian Vineyard was finally born.

Looking back, Scott and Patricia could see that all the years beforehand of accounting, project management, landscape design, winemaking, and construction along with their strong faith in God is what paved the way for the venue of their dreams.

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